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Mobility: How to move through 2020 with LOVE and EASE!



So each one of these topics will be at least one blog or more...stay tuned!


MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE- I have seen and taken many approaches to improve my health and my patients' health (which is not just a lack of disease, but a presence of well-being). Movement continues to be the most consistently proven intervention that all health, wellness, medical professionals and coaches agree. The knowledge of safe and effective movement is evolving but ONE thing I know is as we age we could really benefit from practicing more SIDE-SIDE movement and FORWARD-BACK movement. Why: You may not avoid needing a walker or wheelchair, but being confined to it out of fear of falling or pain is something that you can reduce. When we practice moving forward and back with balance, we are able to strengthen joint health, mobility and engagement of our entire body. Example: sit back in a chair and stand and take a step forward. I could say more and will have more in the future, but consider a small shift you can make today for a larger impact overall.

2. PROTECT YOUR HEAD (aka your mind)- What thoughts do you listen to, who do you hear? Our mind is very powerful and thoughts of pain, dissatisfaction, feeling inadequate, misunderstood, lonely easily translate into neck tightness, chest pain, difficulty sleeping, constipation. Consider how you can change a thought of "i can't do that" into "how can i do this?", "what is the message that can serve me more powerfully?" Example:Rather than thinking, "I don't want to move, I don't want to take my pills, leave me alone" TRY: I want to move with ease, I want to choose what I need and what will help me, because there are people waiting for me..." This is not going to feel natural, comfortable or believable at first,but you can do this.

3. PROTECT YOUR SKIN (be comfortable)- I mentioned when there was a question about "wrinkles" on the face that what shows up on our skin is a long cumulative result of what has been happening in your body, your organs and tissues. It is imperative to protect your skin and your face with sunscreen and more water unless a doctor, nurse practitioner has told you otherwise. In the meanwhile be compassionately aware that this is a process from inside out, rather than outside in.

4. BE MINDFUL OF EATING NUTRITIOUS BALANCED MEALS- eat the rainbow! reduce alcohol, processed foods, processed meats ( smoked ham, turkey, etc)

5. SHIFT YOUR MIND FROM FEAR TO LOVE- this is similar to what I mentioned above about your mind and your thoughts impacting your health.


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