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 Tanya Kailath, Nurse Practitioner

  Compassion Fatigue Maven, Consultant for people who love and care for elderly

Hi my name is Tanya Elizabeth Kailath and I am an experienced nurse practitioner as well as creator of Enlightened Aging Consulting...

It is my privilege to welcome you to Enlightened Aging and share a bit about what you can expect with working with me!

My 12 years of experience providing care for people with dementia, chronic pain and multiple needs allows me to bring more clarity and validation to your situation and everyday life when facing the unknown. I would love to help you as a person who cares deeply, to feel less overwhelmed and guilty about decisions with each step and each stage. 

Together we will celebrate self-care, compassion and putting you first without guilt, fear and shame from yourself or anyone.

You will also learn that time is not linear and you will have more energy and a peace of mind with all that you need to manage!

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