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Tanya Kailath

Geriatric & Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner

Purpose: Helping you to create healing moments that take your breath away until you take your final breath- MUSIC AND MEANING MAKE LIFE WORTH LIVING!

Mission: To help you reduce the pain and suffering associated with serious illness by adding intentional movement that feels good for your mind, body and spirit 

When to work with Tanya, NP (Healer):

If you are 55+ you recognize you have been living in fear of dying with pain that it is keeping you from living. 

If you are 55+ and you feel uncertain about making empowered decisions for your life, your health while living with pain, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, chronic lung disease---combined with depression and decreased mobility/chronic pain.

If you consider yourself conscious, open-minded and looking for an experienced, knowledgeable clinician who can offer you a practical yet compassionate perspective. 

About Tanya (Clinician/Coach):

1) 10 years experience in geriatrics (care of aging and older adults) and palliative care (holistic approach to people with serious illness).

2) NP Tanya worked in traditional care settings including acute care hospitals, skilled nursing and rehab, clinics and home care hospice.