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Upcoming Events

  • Empowered Caregiver Workshop
    Thu, Jun 29
    Pleasant Hill
    Recommend for caregivers seeking support, answers, more creativity and joy, if you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, guilty and afraid. Have fun in a safe and inviting environment with other caregivers. Attendees will receive a curated care package, end-of-life decision making worksheet, and more

                Tanya Kailath, Consultant for Caregivers
Helping to reduce the overwhelm of caregiving by removing the uncertainty, fear and guilt associated with multiple decision making points.  

Hi, my name is Tanya Elizabeth Kailath and I  have 15 years of Nurse Practitioner experience exclusively caring for elderly. I see YOU an adult child, friend, sibling caring deeply and I hear your stories of overwhelm and exhaustion.

I also hear that you mostly feel this role is a gift, joyful and meaningful.

Together WE (you and I) will celebrate self-care, compassion and putting you first without guilt, fear and shame from yourself or anyone.

You will also learn that time is not linear and you will have more energy and a peace of mind with all that you need to manage!

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