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Empowering End-of-Life
Through Simplified Decisions:
Where Support Embraces You.


Enlightened Aging

Enter a transformative partnership with compassionate experts who empower you to make informed decisions and offer solace and understanding throughout life's profound stages. Our personalized approach ensures you and your loved ones find a dedicated ally on this deeply significant journey.

Your dedicated resource for guidance, counseling, and support as you and your loved ones navigate the challenging and meaningful journey towards peace, comfort, and dignity in end-of-life care.


My practice encompasses a holistic approach to end-of-life care. I focus on the emotional and physical

well-being of patients and their families while also creating a supportive environment.

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Meet Tanya

A board-certified nurse practitioner specializing in geriatric and palliative care. 


I bring over a decade of experience as a practitioner, educator, and nationally recognized speaker. As an NP, my unwavering passion lies in empowering my patients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their medical conditions, anticipate potential outcomes, and navigate the delicate process of making end-of-life decisions, rather than evading them. I am a staunch advocate for individuals sharing their narratives of suffering.



Expert Guidance

Insight, recommendations, and direction to individuals and families facing complex decisions and challenges related to serious illness, palliative care, or grief.


End-of-Life Planning Resources

Tools, materials, and information to help families make important decisions about their loved one’s future and preferences for their final days.


Grief Support

Counseling, support, and education to help families navigate the grieving process and find emotional healing and coping strategies.



Resources and training to families to increase awareness, understanding, and skills related to end-of-life issues, palliative care, and grief management. 

Spiritual Service


Oracle Card Readings

Oracle readings facilitate communication with the divine or the inner self, seeking guidance and messages that can provide clarity and comfort.


Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a powerful technique used to calm the mind, center the spirit, and foster self-reflection.



Intuition is a deep, personal knowing that transcends logic and reasoning. I rely on my intuitive abilities to connect with the needs and desires of individuals facing the end of life.



Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. For end-of-life support, Reiki can be a source of comfort, relaxation, and pain relief.

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