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     Tanya Kailath, Nurse Practitioner     
    Combines 12+ years experience being a healthcare professional specializing in geriatrics with her innate, cultivated skills in mind, body modalities to help caregivers address the source of suffering that blocks decision making and communication during already stressful times. 
                                                        ENLIGHTENED AGING
*Empowers Caregivers*ENd-of-life*Self-Love*Intention*Grief support*Healthy you*Trust *Self Care Tips for Empaths *INterdependence- Not meant to be done alone

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Hi, my name is Tanya Elizabeth Kailath and since I was seven years young I knew my calling and career was meant to be in providing medical care for older adults...I would say it felt familiar and natural. 

What felt less natural was knowing how to communicate with older adults who were like parents and grandparents to me. I spent a lot of time volunteering in assisted living, convalescent care (what it used to be called). As a teenage volunteer, I was only allowed to watch, or keep elders who were living with dementia, diabetes, pain and taking 15+ pills company. 

This inspired me to pursue my career become a nurse practitioner and grow my expertise to more effectively help these elders and moreso their loved ones like you.

          ASK YOURSELF

           Have you been taking on all components of caregiving by yourself and expecting not to feel overwhelmed, conflicted and guilty?

            Do you try to set boundaries, speak patiently and calmly with your parent with dementia and not feel like you're being insulting because they're now "the child"?

             Do you put off your own medical appointments, personal care or family and hope that it won't become an issue?

              I'm here to assure you these are natural and normal feelings and are not alone in going through them.

I'm here for you


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