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Tanya Kailath

Geriatric & Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner

About Tanya (Clinician/Coach):

1) 10 years experience in geriatrics (care of aging and older adults) and palliative care (holistic approach to people with serious illness).

2) NP Tanya worked in traditional care settings including acute care hospitals, skilled nursing and rehab, clinics and home care hospice.

"NP Kailath approaches each patient with a more integrated approach. She has a unique ability to identify your personal barrier to improving disease and achieving an empowered mindset".


Why Choose Me (Tanya, NP)!

Tanya helps people in their 60's+ create a meaningful life and know their purpose while living with chronic illness. 

Tanya found her calling at age seven when she felt a natural connection with older adults who are often overlooked, ignored, treated with indifference. Her purpose is to care for people with multiple chronic conditions--- diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, chronic lung disease---combined with depression and decreased mobility/chronic pain.

Enlightened aging is able to appreciate the value and significance of traditional  assessment, diagnosis and prescription medications while respecting that many older adults find this limiting. She meets you where this approach may not be improving your disease process, functional status and/or life.