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All Nurses caring for elders near end of life: 

Do you love your patients and your work, but feel dis-empowered and conflicted to express when you feel someone is suffering, near end of life and not having their needs and goals met? I understand how it can feel to know that you are a patient advocate and a compassionate person, yet it can be hard to find the right words. By the way what you are doing is already helping and making a difference, so thank you! I look forward to sharing my knowledge and having you participate in a shared learning and growing experience to improve how people die and experience end of life. 

End of Life Nursing: 14 continuing education units 

All RNs, advanced practice RNs, LPNs; portions also are structured for SW and chaplain education


 9 modules related to the specialty of end-of-life care:


1. Geri-Palliative Nursing 

2. Cultural Considerations 

3. Ethical Considerations 

4. Pain Management  

5. Symptom Management

6. Communication 

7. Loss, Grief and Bereavement 

8. Final Hours 

9. Self-Care