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What is a Nurse Practitioner and what makes Tanya a unique NP?

A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse with education and training to deliver traditional medical care- take an assessment, make a diagnosis, order imaging and laboratory work, discuss results, prescribe medication, refer and coordinate with specialists and provide preventative and wellness care when applicable.


Tanya has specialized training and over a decade of experience in delivering primary care geriatrics and palliative care. Tanya has been diagnosing and treating dementia, hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cancers, chronic lung and heart disease, pain, difficulty sleeping and other chronic conditions her entire career.


Tanya personally values listening to your concerns, clarifying with insight and collaborating with you to make your best mind, body, spirit and soul decisions. The experience of working with Tanya is designed to feel compassionate, insightful and safe because you are working with an experienced professional and expert.

What is Enlightened Aging and Tanya’s philosophy?

Enlightened Aging is a space for caregivers to feel warm and come home to themselves since they are helping loved ones all day and often night. If you are a direct caregiver, hands-on provider of daily tasks and/ or the person supporting a caregiver with decision making, hiring help, organizing a daily routine both roles are equally valid, demanding, complementary and could benefit from more support with knowledge from a professional. We often operate from fear, darkness and pain because we are conditioned to believe this is normal and expected. Often we go through life repeating stories or finding ourselves in the same situations with work, health, relationships, finances, dreams and pursuits. Caregivers are no exception to this way of being and when they find themselves being either a family caregiver or professional caregiver they burnout. Tanya's packages and programs are decided to provide caregivers with the knowledge and tools to create healthier lives, new possibilities and feel energized through being a caregiver, not inspite of being a caregiver.

How can Enlightened Aging Coaching help you?

If you are reading this, then I imagine you have very busy and demanding days. Perhaps you have never paused or truly had space to consider your needs and desires or self care, self worth are foreign concepts (they were for Tanya for many years). Many days feel exhausting like you’re running on fumes, but it might also feel like that is normal and expected. Tanya incorporates spiritual and healing arts including clairvoyance, reiki, guided meditation, oracle card reading and body work to guide caregivers through challenging situations. Tanya uses the philosophy of being light to help her clients, caregivers to differentiate fears and programming rooted in conventional wisdom from fears and programming that might be rooted in negative self talk and in external control of your truth and power. Negative self talk is the voice that says you are unworthy, lack value, you’re not enough, don’t know enough, or that you are singularly responsible for a loved one with many physical and emotional needs. Once you can differentiate fears and lies from truth then we can start to transform you into an empowered caregiver who is capable of making love based decisions. Love and fear do not coexist well together for the long haul.

When to schedule a FREE 30 minute Empowered Caregiver Clarity Call with Tanya?

Any time in the journey of being a caregiver and the earlier the better. After observing individuals and families expend themselves beyond simple recovery and take years of their own health, joy and purpose before admitting they feel alone, lost and stuck, Tanya can save you a lot of time and energy that you would otherwise waste searching without direction or knowing what information to search for. If you are a dedicated caregiver ready to transform your life and experience before a crisis happens with your loved one then my Empowered Caregiver Program is for you. If you are looking specifically for support with communication, end of life decision making with a loved one including creating a personalized death experience you can choose the family caregiver support package. If you have other needs and want to chat for more clarification on how I can support you- sign up for Tanya's free Empowered Caregiver Clarity Call. I look forward to connecting with you!

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